There is currenty a shortage and price increase for Monitors

Widescreen LCD Monitors (LED Backlight)

21.5" Full HD Monitor HDMI/VGAdiscontinued
23.6" Full HD Monitor HDMI/VGAfrom $235
27" Full HD Monitor HDMI/DVI/VGA/SPKRSfrom $290
28" 4k Monitor 3840x2160 HDMIx2/DP/Spkrs$330
31.5" 4k Monitor 3840x2160 HDMIx2/DP$375

PCI-Express Video Cards
Other cards available to order

Nvidia GT 710 2GB Card$145
Nvidia GT 1030 2GB Card$175
Nvidia GTX 1050ti 4GB Card$475
Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB Card$1200
Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti 8GB Card$1690