Memory prices are a guide only as they are currently subject to rapid flucuation
Please contact us for current pricing and availability

Desktop Memory (RAM)

DDR4-2666 4GB$45
DDR4-2666 8GB$80
DDR4-2666 16GB$125
DDR3-1600 4GB$55
DDR3-1600 8GB$90

Notebook Memory (RAM)

DDR3-1600 4GB$55
DDR3-1600 8GB$90
DDR4-2400 4GB$50
DDR4-2666 8GB$80
DDR4-2666 16GB$130

USB Memory Sticks (Flashdrives)

Kingston 32GB$15
Kingston 64GB$25
Kingston 128GB$45

MicroSD Memory Card (+SD Adapter)

16GB microSD Class 10$10
32GB microSD Class 10$15
64GB microSD Class 10$45